About Ben

Ben Mallah was born October 1965 in New York City. Ben is married to Karla Mallah. Ben has 3 sons Ben II, Vinson and Aaron. Ben was raised in poverty and crime in New York City. He joined the military at the age of 17 and saw it as a way out to better himself. Ben raised Ben Jr as a single parent in Oakland, CA. At a young age Ben understood how crucial it was to surround himself with important and wealthy people. Ben saw opportunity in real estate in the tough neighborhoods of Oakland. Ben started investing in properties nobody else wanted and grew from there. 

In 2004 Ben decided to uproot his entire family to Florida where he ventured deeper into real estate and joined hospitality investments and retail investments. Ben’s focus in life is to make money, teach, and help those who want to grow. Ben decided to start documenting his journey about 8 years ago through YouTube, in hopes to one day enlighten those who never got a chance in life and to inspire people. Ben hopes to one day retire but the thrill of making money keeps him pushing and working daily. At this point Ben has accumulated 500 million dollars in real estate.